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Freemasonry has been a part of San Jose for over 150 years. San Jose Lodge #10 (a blue lodge) was issued a dispensation to operate on 11 July 1850. The first recorded communication of degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry was on 16 May 1883 by Albert Pike and the San Jose Lodge of Perfection #13 (a part of Scottish Rite masonry) was organized on 10 March 1885. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite has maintained a temple in San Jose since 1909 and we have been at our current location since 1984.

In addition to being a fraternal organization that attracts the best and most respected men from the community, the San Jose Scottish Rite supports many public institutions including police and fire departments.

When our facilities are not being used for Rite functions, we make them available for rental. Social & religious gatherings, weddings, conventions, reunions and educational events are all welcome at our facilities.

Our charity work is focused primarily on helping children with language and speech disorders. We maintain a clinic on our grounds where children receive treatment free from charge.

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Make Your Dinner Reservations

Make your dinner reservations
Reservations for Stated Meeting Dinner are due by Friday before the Stated Meeting. If you do not make your reservation by that date, Dinner will cost $20 if enough food has been prepared.

Children's Clinic News

  • From the Clinic (March 2020) My name is Alisha Leong, and I will be on board as a new speech-language pathologist serving the Bay Area community. I am a Bay Area native, being born ...
    Posted Feb 28, 2020, 1:31 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • From the Clinic (February 2020) Happy New Year! We have received so many notes of thanks during the past month from grateful parents who have been helped by our clinic.  Thank you to all of ...
    Posted Jan 26, 2020, 5:20 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • From the Clinic (January 2020) Kyle is a fun, friendly, and talkative six-year-four month old boy who attends speech therapy services at the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic. Kyle loves ...
    Posted Jan 3, 2020, 2:09 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
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Rebuilding the Temple

In 1982, the members were asked to make donations to Build the Temple.  Now 36 years later, the Temple needs some upgrades.  We are again asking the Brothers to step up to the plate.  The donation levels below are exactly the same as they were back in 1982.

Future projects needed include; replacing window coverings throughout the building, building  out the old printing room as a modern conference room, building out the warehouse as a members lounge, new floors through out the building.  Also we want to expand the size of the Clinic to accommodate more Children.  We have over 100 on the waitlist and our space is maxed out.

All donations are tax deductible, and you will receive the appropriate plaque and have your name placed on our Donor’s wall.

Setter of the Corner Stone  $25,000+
Designer of the Royal Arch $9,000 to $24,999
Artesian of the Temple $3,000 to $8;999
Craftsman of the Pillars $1,500 to $2,999
Hewer of the Ashlars $750 to $1,499
Cutter of the Cedars $250 to $749

You can make a one time donation or alternatively you can make a pledge that will fit within your budget. And any amount will be gratefully accepted.

Please contact the Secretary to Make your donation.

News & Events

  • Stated Meeting Dinner - March 10, 2020 Stated Meeting Menu Tuesday March 10, 2020   (Vegetarian Entrée by REQUEST ONLY, by March 6th ) Call the Office NOW at 408-978-7483 & make your reservations! Appetizers Chicken and Sausage ...
    Posted Feb 28, 2020, 1:28 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • Stated Meeting Dinner - February 11, 2020 Stated Meeting Menu Tuesday February 11, 2020   (Vegetarian Entrée by REQUEST ONLY, by February 7th ) Call the Office NOW at 408-978-7483 & make your reservations! Appetizers Olive Tapenade Stuffed ...
    Posted Jan 26, 2020, 5:23 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • Sweethearts Night - February 11, 2020 At the February Stated Meeting We will celebrate our Sweethearts. We would especially like to invite Our Widows For a complementary dinner Please RSVP If you need a ride Please ...
    Posted Jan 26, 2020, 5:22 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • From the Personal Representative Happy New Years to all and welcome to 2020!      Well, another year has ended, a new corps of officers is about to be installed, and it is time to look ...
    Posted Jan 3, 2020, 2:14 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • Stated Meeting Dinner - January 14, 2020 Stated Meeting Menu Tuesday January 14, 2020   (Vegetarian Entrée by REQUEST ONLY, by January 10th ) Call the Office NOW at 408-978-7483 & make your reservations! Appetizers Old Fashion Braised ...
    Posted Jan 3, 2020, 2:04 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
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Pay Your Annual Dues

Pay your annual dues

The Rite World - Articles

  • From the Venerable Master (March 2020) Thank you all for making our Sweethearts’ Dinner a wonderful success. Especially, all that helped by bringing our beloved Ladies – thank you so much! We had a wonderful dinner, prepared by our own cooking team – Angela and Gregg. The home-baked bread was outstanding, and so was the Stuffed Pork. One thing to mention on the dinners: we still are struggling getting reservations in on time. Please try to avoid making us guess and over-portion, and you being penalized. We had a nice breather with Presidents’ Day, and now will have to go on for a while, except for the unofficial one: St. Patrick’s Day. We promise: No green beer! We will have a very nice dinner for ...
    Posted Feb 28, 2020, 1:26 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • From the Wise Master (March 2020) I begin by reminding everyone to make their reservations for our March stated meeting Dinner. We will be honoring our Lodge Masters for the year 2019. Let's give them a warm welcome. The food is always great and the friendships we share equally great. In this month's Rite Word, I would like to quote a few statements on Freemasonry and Religion. It was prepared by the Masonic Service Association of North America. Basic Principles------- Freemasonry is not a Religion, nor is it a substitute for Religion. It requires of its members a belief in God as part of the obligation of every responsible adult, but advocates no sectarian faith or practice. Freemasonry is open to men of any ...
    Posted Feb 28, 2020, 1:24 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • From the Commander of Kadosh (March 2020) The publication we receive from our Supreme Council frequently highlights Scottish Rite Masons who have made significant contributions in the past.  Some years ago, while at the Long Beach Bodies, I had the opportunity to see Brother General Curtis LeMay’s white cap.  During World War II, he developed the technique of carpet bombing.  After the War and during the early part of the Cold War, he was the commander of the Strategic Air Command (SAC).  Before deployment of ICBMs, the B-52s of SAC were in the air constantly and flew routes that would allow the crews to deliver weapons into Russia quickly should the need arise thus providing a deterrent.   Many of use are familiar with some of ...
    Posted Feb 28, 2020, 1:23 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
  • From the Master of Kadosh (March 2020) I would like to thank my San Jose Scottish Rite Brothers: John Absalon, Hon. John Unger, Ion Vasillescu, and T.J. Jackson for stepping up to the plate again as officers of the “2020” Consistory. Also, many thanks to Bro. Richard Rosenberg (now Hon. R.R.), for a wonderful year under his fine leadership in 2019. Thank you to Ill. Daniel Doornbos for that really fine article he wrote in February Rite Word on the 17th degree. It was fabulous. Especially the part about the part of coming earthquakes, the sun is eclipsed, the red moon, the falling stars, and a might wind and so forth and the Captain of the Guard presents John the Baptist’s severed head ...
    Posted Feb 28, 2020, 1:20 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
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