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A Better Understanding of our Philanthropy

Children begin learning from the moment they come into the world. For most children speech and language skills develop naturally from interaction with parents, siblings, and others in their environment. From an infant’s first smile to a two-year olds first sentence, these developmental milestones lay the  foundation for successful communication  throughout their lives.

However, many children have difficulty learning because of underlying communication delays or disorders. The Department of Education estimates that 6 million children in the U.S.A. suffer from some sort of communication impairment. Communication delays and disorders fall into one or more of the four basic areas of development: 


  • Processing or understanding sounds and spoken words 

  • Expressing oneself with  meaningful words using correct  grammar and word order

  • Blending like sounds together in the correct sequence to be understood

  • Using language in a meaningful,  purposeful manner in all  communications

Because language is essential for communication, learning, social adjustment and emotional stability, impairment may lead to difficulty with everyday activities.   The earlier these difficulties are identified, the sooner appropriate intervention can  begin.

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