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San Jose Scottish Rite Bodies & Degrees

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San Jose Lodge of Perfection

Naresh Rampershad, 32°

2022-2023 Venerable Master

David Kampschafer, 32º

San Jose Council of Kadosh

David M. Kampschafer, 32°

2022-2023 Commander of Kadosh

Tim Lynch, 32°

San Jose Chapter of Rose Croix

Timothy M. Lynch II, 32°

2022-2023 Wise Master

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San Jose Consistory

Richard M. Fisher Ill, 33°

2022-2023 Venerable Master of Kadosh

Degrees of the Lodge of Perfection (4º - 14º)


The 4th through 14th degrees are called Ineffable Degrees because their principal purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the ineffable name of Deity. Following each of degrees listed below, we have provided a brief statement of the moral teachings found in its lecture.

In the Orient of California, these degrees are conferred by San Jose Lodge of Perfection.

4° – Secret Master

5° – Perfect Master

6° – Intimate Secretary

7° – Provost and Judge

8° – Intendant of the Building

9° – Elu of the Nine

10° – Elu of the Fifteen

11° – Elu of the Twelve

12° – Master Architect

13° – Royal Arch of Solomon

14° – Perfect Elu

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