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RiteCare Scottish Rite Childhood Language Services

The RiteCare Childhood Language Center of San Jose provides comprehensive evaluation and therapy services for speech and language delays and disorders of children ages 2 -13 years of age who live in the Bay Area and surrounding communities.


All diagnostic and therapy services are provided by nationally certified and state licensed Speech-Language Pathologists. Diagnostic evaluations determine the course of treatment and direct an individualized plan of care specific to the needs of the child.


Our Speech-Language Pathologists obtain information about a child’s skills and abilities within the areas of receptive and expressive language, articulation/phonology, voice, fluency, oral motor development, and pragmatics/social communication using a variety of diagnostic tools. The assessment assists in formulating a plan of care that is specific to the needs of the child and follows evidence-based practices based on research within the field of communication disorders.


Therapy is either in-person, Telehealth, or a combination of both and may be provided in individual treatment sessions or in a small group depending on the specific needs of the child. Frequency of therapy is typically one to two times per week.  Our Speech-Language Pathologists work closely with the child’s family to provide carryover of therapy interventions at home to ensure the best outcome of the child’s speech and language development.


In some cases, the Speech-Language Pathologist works with the child’s pediatrician or other medical professionals, teachers, and other rehab staff to assist with carryover of therapy goals or to make recommendations for other referrals to further assist the child and their family.

The RiteCare Childhood Language Center of San Jose provides therapy to address a wide range of speech and language areas, including:


  • Speech Sound Disorders

  • Language Delays and Disorders

  • Early Language Development

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

  • Motor Speech Disorders - Apraxia and Dysarthria

  • Stuttering (Fluency)

  • Social-Communication and Pragmatics


Unfortunately, we do not provide services for the following:

  • Dyslexia

  • ABA therapy

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