From the Master of Kadosh (June 2019)

posted Jun 18, 2019, 1:40 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Summer is now here.  YEAH!  I hope everyone will spend more time outside, enjoying our State, and take time to travel before our hills turn brown. Our great great state has so much variety…. From the ocean to the mountains, we are lucky to be here.   Short trips over to the coast in San Mateo County to Pescadero to the goat cheese farm where the goats guarded from predators by a llama, but don’t neglect the store with a great bakery. To marvelous craft shops and a great Country Store.   If you travel south, go past Gilroy and take highway 25 past Hollister and the Pinnacles State Park.  You will find yourself on a beautiful ride in farm/ranch country surrounded by beautiful, rustic hills, few cars, no phone service, no stores, no gas stations, water stops or bath rooms.  Highway 25 ends at a T intersection going to King City or Parkside.  The mileage in taking highway 25 to King City is the same at taking 101, but it a much slower pace.  We are so close physically to these California roads that remind one of life 50 +years ago.  Take a day off.  Enjoy yourselves.