From the Chairman of the A/V Committee

posted Mar 4, 2019, 7:57 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite


I have been tasked to be the Chairman of the Valley of San Jose’s Audio-Visual Committee. The goal of this Committee is to establish and provide a group of Masons that would be technically proficient in the Audio-Visual systems of the San Jose Scottish Rite building, so that they can run them properly, to properly maintain our Audio-Visual equipment and to make recommendations when needed for improvements to the equipment.

Recently, the Valley of San Jose hired a sound system professional to come in and fix and upgrade our auditorium’s sound system. One of these upgrades included the purchase of a new Soundboard (pictured above) that will enable us to better serve the Valley of San Jose’s needs. With the purchase and installation of this soundboard, this Professional has offered to come at a later date, but before the start of our next reunion (Starts May 31st) to teach a class on how to properly use this soundboard, as well as our full Sound System and related equipment. If you have ever had a desire to learn how to properly use a soundboard or want to learn how we are going use our system if you already know how to use a soundboard. This is your chance!!


Please let me know, my email is

While this sound system will be primarily used during our Scottish Rite meetings and other Masonic events. There is a possibility that this system be rented by renters. If it is rented, they will also be hiring at least one member of this committee to run this system. Yes, that means that if we are hired, then the committee members working that event will be Paid by the hour for their work! The reason for this, is that this sound system will now ONLY be used by those that are approved by the Valley of San Jose as well as properly trained to use our Audio-Visual systems. Seeing as these other events will not be tiled events, it has been decided that we will open membership in this committee (subject to the Valley of San Jose approval) to masons who are not Scottish Rite Masons. If any of you know of any Brother that isn’t a Scottish Rite mason, and you think would fit in with this committee. Please have them get in contact with me. Thanks

Jeff Toone Valley AV Chairman