From the Wise Master (July 2018)

posted Jul 9, 2018, 7:18 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

     In my April article I recommended a book by Illustrious Brother Manly P. Hall entitled “The Lost Keys of Freemasonry”. I hope that many of you have had the opportunity to obtain and read this valuable book and add it to your library. For those already familiar with Brother Hall’s writings maybe it spurned you on to reread or at least scan this treasure.

As you recall Chapter VI discusses the author’s ideas about the qualifications of a “True Mason”. Here are a few more of those qualifications for your contemplation.

The true Master Mason enters his lodge with one thought uppermost in his mind: “How can I, as an individual, be of greater use in the Universal Plan? What can I do to be worthy of comprehending the mysteries which are unfolded here?” Those readers who are familiar with the York Rite may remember in the closing prayer of the chapter that the Companions are reminded to perform the obligations here unfolded to them and to practice these duties out of the chapter – I suggest this is, so we can be of greater use to that Universal Plan.

The true Brother Master Mason, while striving to improve himself mentally, spiritually and physically each day of his life, never makes his own desires or goals the object of his work. No, he has a higher duty and that duty is to fit into the plans of Another! He must be ready at any time to drop his own ideals at the call of the Great Architect of the Universe. Once again, the call to be of a greater use in the Universal Plan!

One more for your consideration. Every true Mason knows that a broken vow or promise brings with it a penalty. We just need to think about the such teachings in Symbolic Masonry or the Blue degrees. Let him also realize that his failure to live mentally, spiritually, and morally up to his own highest ideals constitutes the greatest of all broken oaths. Wow!

I sincerely wish and hope you find these ideas about the attributes of a Mason interesting and in some way useful, spreading at least a little way, not dying at birth!  More to follow in subsequent articles.

The recently completed Orient wide reunion was an amazing experience. To see all 29 degrees of our Scottish Rite exemplified by our valleys was a treat and unforgettable. To be a small part of it was an honor. Thanks.