From the Master of Kadosh (May 2020)

posted Apr 29, 2020, 5:47 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

In the January Rite Word, I wrote, that the Great California Central Valley in historical times was originally covered with a constant six feet of water due to precipitation, sedimentation and evaporation.

The streams in the Northern Delta area had not yet as carved their way thru to San Francisco and The Golden Gate Bay and to the ocean because of the hard-intervening rocky cliff impediments.

There was once an outlet in the south near the Paso Robles San Luis Obispo area but it eventually became clogged due to ground uplifting in that area. This slowly allowed for higher water levels in the central area and further stream erosion in river/bay area development in the north. I had never visited that southern area and this really kept jiggling around in my head for the past years.

Wow! Fast forward to August 2019 with the Ken Nagel announcement that he was going to lead a group to visit the Paso Robles area and Masonic Lodge for the purpose of presenting the Masonic Legion of Merit award to Wor. Brother P.M. Willard J. Strong of Paso Robles Lodge no. 286. There had only been five such awards previously presented in all of California and Willard graciously accepted this presentation and mad a fine historical type “thank you” speech. His book “Backwoods and Forwards” is in the library.

Year after year they have been making their car trips north with all their wood-working equipment to San Jose Scottish Rite to perform the “Woodman’s Degree” at our annual S.R. Reunions. About twenty of our members attended the presentation. We had a fine meal and a real good time.

On our way back home (Paso Robles is at 1,000 ft. in altitude) and going downhill to the bottom/there it was-out of our car windows, “that little stream”. The remnant of what used to be the big river that once emptied the southern end of the Great Inland Central Valley. At last, the missing piece of the puzzle was in place and I could sleep in peace again. I’m glad I did not miss that trip.