From the Master of Kadosh (March 2020)

posted Feb 28, 2020, 1:20 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

I would like to thank my San Jose Scottish Rite Brothers: John Absalon, Hon. John Unger, Ion Vasillescu, and T.J. Jackson for stepping up to the plate again as officers of the “2020” Consistory. Also, many thanks to Bro. Richard Rosenberg (now Hon. R.R.), for a wonderful year under his fine leadership in 2019.

Thank you to Ill. Daniel Doornbos for that really fine article he wrote in February Rite Word on the 17th degree. It was fabulous. Especially the part about the part of coming earthquakes, the sun is eclipsed, the red moon, the falling stars, and a might wind and so forth and the Captain of the Guard presents John the Baptist’s severed head on a platter to the king.

This is really powerful stuff and it sort of reminds me of current times where many of our citizens and leaders are doing their very best to have the Head of State (D. John T.). I urge our members to revisit February’s Rite Word and take at another look at the 17th Degree article.

On a brighter note, I previously mentioned that I liked to write about trips and on my recent trip up to the mountains (Penn Valley/Grass Valley/Nevada City). I attended Nevada Lodge #13`. I indicated at a recent Sciots meeting that I would like to be Worshipful Master of Madison #23 and of Nevada Lodge #13 at some time in the future, just to keep up with the “work”. Well one should be careful of what one aspires to.

So, there I was, after giving three knocks t the door at Nevada Lodge Stated Meeting (to rest and refresh myself). I was greeted by a worshipful Past Master and several other officers who conducted me to a seat in the South, with the pronouncement “Take my seat”!

Well it was a vacant Junior Warden’s Chair, and asked “how I liked the chair?), and if I would like to be Junior Warden this year!!

Oh boy! Just what I needed right now-and I had to demure, for this year at least