From the Master of Kadosh (July 2019)

posted Jul 8, 2019, 11:33 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

From the Master of Kadosh

Our Scottish Rite facilities are being redone, remodeled & repurposed with your help in supporting the San Jose Scottish Rite Foundation.  More changes are on the way including expanding our Childhood Language Clinic.  The down stairs will soon have a modern meeting facility that we will all be proud of.  Come, visit and be impressed by the room and the changes.


Masonry is moving ahead.  I just had the opportunity to visit Grand Lodge in San Francisco.  A new beautiful Lodge room, with dining and meeting areas is almost complete.  It is located on the exhibit floor.  Eight Lodges have already expressed and interest in putting on a degree there.  (two pictures if you have room)


Masonry is moving forward with a purpose, and we are showing the community that we are a vital link on our society.  Come to our meetings and enjoy the good friendship, see where we are going.—Looking forward to our future.  We have much to offer.