From the Commander of Kadosh (March 2019)

posted Mar 4, 2019, 7:43 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

After joining the fraternity, a Master Mason soon discovers the amazing wealth of additional opportunities to learn about and to participate in Freemasonry. While there is no Masonic degree more important than that of Master Mason, there is a long tradition— almost as old as Freemasonry—of “high degrees” that expand upon and elaborate the teachings and lessons of the first three degrees. Enthusiastic Masons eager to learn and to participate more are prime candidates for Masonry beyond the Third Degree.

– Scottish Rite Conferral  –

The conferral of degrees in the Scottish Rite is quite different from the first Three Degrees you received in your local Blue Lodge.

• Conferral is traditionally during a 1, 2 or 4 day Reunion (our term for a new class of initiates) usually in the Spring and Fall.

• One person is chosen to represent everyone in the receiving of the degrees.

• Degrees are conferred as theatrical events before candidates as an audience rather than as a participatory ceremony.

· These theatrical presentations may involve stages with elaborate scenery and costumes.

The American Scottish Rite is a collection of degrees that build upon the legends of the Blue Lodge.

• The rite offers a total of 30 degrees beyond 3° Master Mason.

• Each degree is based on an idea of progressive ethical awareness and self-knowledge through self-reflection and dramatic allegories.

 The Scottish Rite degrees give insight to the expansion of Masonic legends.

• The Lodge of Perfection, 4°–14°, is concerned with events following the tragic incident of Hiram Abiff

• The 15° and 16° explain the return of Zerubbabel from Babylon to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem.

• The 17° and 18° center around re-instituting the word under the Law of Love as taught by Jesus and other religious reformers.

• The 19°–30° culminate with the Degree of Knight Kadosh, a spiritual knighthood similar to the Knight Templar, and develop the Scottish Rite’s myth of Masonic succession from crusading knights.

• The 31° teaches us that it is human to err. That it is far nobler to sin & repent than to have never fallen from grace in one’s life.

• In the 32°, Master of the Royal Secret, the candidate is taught equilibrium in the Southern Jurisdiction.