From the Chief Knight (October 2018)

posted Oct 11, 2018, 11:40 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Knights of St Andrew Welcomes  New Members:

Bro.  Danile Webb

Bro.  Jerome Alipio and

Bro.  Mike Lammer       


What is the purpose of a Squire Program? Does it work?

Traditionally, Squires served Knights and learned the skills of Knighthood in the process. Many KSA Chapters have adopted a custom of bringing new member into the Chapter as a Squire. This gives the initiate an opportunity to see all of the aspects of the Chapter work while serving the requisite hours of labor in behalf of the Valley. Assigning a Squire to a specific Knight seems to work best. The Knight answers the Squire's questions about the Order making a better informed and better equipped candidate for elevation to Knighthood.


That being said, we are looking for volunteers to be Greeters at our Scottish Rite gatherings.  This really puts makes us stand out especially to our visitors who are attending for the first time or for dinners, and other functions.

Recent KSA Chapter Activities:

Sept 1st – 2nd Scottish Highland Gathering and Games, Pleasanton, CA was well attended we have Knights for the following Valleys:  San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton and  Sacramento.

 KSA Events of the Future:

1.October 28th, at noon KSA Stated Meeting in the SJSR Library, followed by sword tactics.

2. November 11th, at noon KSA Stated Meeting in the SJSR Library followed by election of new officers.   As we are steadfastly approaching the end of the calendar year, please plan to attend and participate in the planning for 2019 and further.

 Naresh Rampershad