The Valley of San Jose, Knights of St Andrew's

posted May 23, 2015, 4:24 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 23, 2015, 4:28 PM ]
The Valley of San Jose, Knights of St Andrew's Second Degree Ritual Team
The Valley of San Jose, Knights of St Andrew's 
Second Degree Ritual Team conferred the Fellowcraft Degree for Brother Harris on February 23rd in Morgan Hill Lodge # 463.  Cast members were: WM: Steve Munyon PM Morgan Hill 463, SW: Will Montoya, PM, San Jose 10, JW: BJ McCuiston, PM, WM Keith 187(Degree Director), Secretary Gerald Best, Willow Glenn-Fraternity 399, Chaplain: Mike Sloan, Morgan Hill 463, SD: David Driesbach, PM, San Jose 10, JD: Herb Dallas, Willow Glen-Fraternity 399, SS: Dory Taylor, Friendship 210/Keith 187, JS: Martin Maxey, PM Monterey 217(Chief Knight of SJ KSA): Tiler: Gregg Hall PM Morgan Hill 463.
The Degree was conferred in full Highland Kilt and was performed in Exemplary form.  Three Brethren were so impressed with the degree performance that they asked for petitions to the Scottish Rite and for information on obtaining kilts.  Another request for a conferral looms in the near future.
All 32⁰ Masons are Knights of St. Andrew by virtue of completing the Scottish Rite Degrees conferral program. However, one must ask to be an active member of the Knights of St. Andrew.  The KSA is a Black Hat service club with activities in the 2nd⁰, the 29th⁰, Parades, visitations, Greeters, stage setup and more.  Owning and/or wearing Scottish Highland attire is not a requisite for membership, only for participation in the degree activities, but it is fun. Contact any KSA member to volunteer and become active.