Strong Leaders = Membership

posted May 21, 2015, 1:42 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 21, 2015, 3:11 PM ]
There is a formula for making leadership in our Valleys a great deal easier and a great more efficient and successful.  It begins with the constantly thoughtful covenant of brotherly love relief and truth at all times.  The prescription for Membership Momentum is:
  1. Total involvement
  2. Doing only your best, first, last and always
  3. No excuses
  4. Hard working on the recruitment of the worthy and well qualified Reinstating
  5. Being thoughtful, brotherly and personal with the members of our Valley
  6. Remembering and reinstating the members who have slipped through our fingers
  7. The leaders must truly believe in the goals of our great Order
  8. We must keep the Membership Momentum going at all times.
We must develop a flawless ability to absorb our degrees.  The purpose being to make the good brethren even better by use of the CODE:  
  • Control of our emotions
  • Order to our lives and the lives of our brethren
  • Discipline in Masonry
  • Ethics
Masonry is what we make it!  When the heat and burden of life's day of labor will be over, and we will be called to present our work to the Grand Architect of the Universe, let us make for ourselves a history that we were ever faithful in the performance of work and duty.  

Let us focus on the future by creating new Membership in the present.  Start by sponsoring new members for the next Scottish Rite Reunion!

Durward C. Ayre, 32° KCCH
Regional Orient Membership Ambassador
Valleys of San Jose and Fresno in California