Something to think about (April, 2014)

posted May 30, 2015, 5:58 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 30, 2015, 6:47 PM ]
How many of you have taken the time to make arrangements for that day when your time here on earth ends? Have you ever had to sit down with a Funeral Director and make final arrangements for a loved one? It can be a hard and emotional time and there are many decisions that have to be made. Or - have you been fortunate enough that your loved ones had the foresight to prearrange their funeral.
One thing that many of our members overlook when they are sitting down to prearrange their own funeral plans is who in the Masonic Fraternity needs to be notified of their death. Your family knows that you are a member of a Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite or other appendent body, but whom do they call? Do they know where your apron is? Do they know what your wishes are when it comes to having a Masonic or Rose Croix Burial Service? While you have discussed this briefly, when the time comes, will your wishes be remembered?
Take the time now to write down the name and phone numbers of your Blue Lodge Secretary and the contact person at the other different organizations you belong to—and more importantly, what are your wishes concerning you funeral service? Then give a copy of this to each of your children, brothers and sisters, so more than one person knows your wishes. Remember—the few minutes you take now to write down your wishes, will surely help ease the pain and suffering that your family will have to deal with at the time of your death.