San Jose Chapter, Order of DeMolay - History, Background and Needs

posted May 26, 2015, 8:47 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 26, 2015, 8:48 PM ]
In 1919 a brother Scottish Rite Mason received a phone call from the Senior Warden of his lodge, asking a favor. A good young man’s father, a Fellowcraft, had died and the youth needed a job, and perhaps more. At that moment “Dad” Frank S. Land, 33⁰, began something that has become a hallmark youth organization, one with the closest of ties with Masonry. It began with one young man, growing quickly to nine. They searched and researched for some more substance than that of a social club. Dad Land, being the Commander for the DeMolai Council of Kadosh, introduced the boys to the story of the last leader of the Knights Templar. Jacques DeMolay is an exemplar of loyalty, courage, fidelity and toleration. Thus was launched the Order of DeMolay.
San Jose Chapter was formed 1921 and was (arguably) the first DeMolay Chapter in California. The chapter has been under the sponsorship of San Jose Scottish Rite almost continuously since that time. As with all organizations, as we all have most likely experienced, membership grows and wanes from time to time, but the foundation and purpose of DeMolay have held fast throughout the years.
As did Frank Land in 1919, you are receiving a ‘call’ asking for a favor.
San Jose Chapter needs revitalization. A few years ago a small group of men, mostly Masons and some former DeMolay’s, were called upon to help rebuild the chapter. Some successes have been seen, but we need help.
We need some support from the members of the Scottish Rite in growing the membership of the chapter and in volunteering to serve on the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council’s goal is to help guide the young men of the chapter in becoming a fully functional DeMolay Chapter – from conducting meetings with the DeMolay rituals to planning events (such as the Blue Lodge Iron Chef contest). We desire to give advice when it is asked for, but the members of the chapter run their organization.
The membership is very low, to the point where your chapter is not fully functional. Do you have a son, a grandson, nephew, neighbor’s son, etc., who could benefit from an organization that embraces the precepts of love of parents, reverence for sacred things, courtesy, comradeship, fidelity, cleanness, and patriotism?
We need young men who want to become leaders, to learn how to plan and conduct events, to help their fellow members learn and grasp the lessons of DeMolay, and to just have some fun. We need young men who want to be active in San Jose Chapter, getting as much back as they give. We need young men who may just become the next generation of Masons.
San Jose Chapter is in the phase of reforming and planning, working on building the foundation for the members to learn and grow. We have a few members, but these few are dedicated to the organization and anxious to see the chapter grow to the strength and ‘glory’ it once had. We must have something for young men to be attracted to; we need to be able to make a promise that they are joining a vital organization. There are so many other great activities our youth can be involved with, we have to compete! We need to build the chapter’s capacity for new members while increasing membership – this will not be a simple task, but the rewards will so much bigger than the efforts.
Please consider helping your DeMolay Chapter and contact me or any of the below listed chapter advisors. Current information, as well as membership applications, can be found on our website,

Dave Cohen, 32⁰
Advisory Council Chairman
San Jose Chapter, Order of DeMolay