Roger’s Corner (February, 2008)

posted May 2, 2015, 2:37 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
San Jose Scottish Rite members, their wives, escorts and friends, attending the Scottish Rite Center for the January monthly meeting and dinner and to escape from the cold, wet rainy weather, quickly headed for the elegantly displayed buffet awaiting them in the room.
Members and others could be observed preparing their buffet plates with selections which included selections of sliced meats and cheeses, crackers and a nice display of bite-sized fruits. Also included in the buffet selections were wraps with cheese, ham and lettuce.
Wine and soft drinks were available to our members, also.
After the social time concluded , members adjourned to the dining room and were seated for the main meal . This meal menu included Cornish game hen, Basmati rice, zucchini, bell pepper and onion vegetable spread and a fresh green salad with the necessary toppings. Dessert was cake with white frosting and decorated with mini edibles.
Scottish Rite staff has discovered that the buffet / dining room food service and fellowship that takes place after the monthly meetings is very popular with all who attend.
Staff will continue to bring to our members a high quality experience in the dining room attempt to keep costs for this service at a minimum.
For dinner reservations, telephone Mary Lou Johnson at the San Jose Rite Center. the number is 408.978.7483

Roger Bibb, member
San Jose Scottish Rite Bodies