Regional Orient Membership Ambassador’s Message (December, 2011)

posted May 23, 2015, 2:12 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 23, 2015, 2:13 PM ]
One of the greatest powers Masonry teaches us is the power of patience.  We are also taught the power of deliberately cultivating brotherly love, relief, compassion, truth and forgiveness. 
Within every human being live both a monster and an angel.  The choices we make in our lives can and do make us joyful at times and unhappy at other times.  The power of patience has many benefits, including reducing hostility, prejudice and hatred within us.  We are then motivated to do the good deeds that our Scottish Rite degrees teach us – in other words to practice brotherly love, relief and truth.  We are then building within us a beautiful personality. 
One of my dearest friends and a long-time brother in our Fraternity asked me what he should answer when asked if we are a secret organization.  But, after all, what is so obnoxious about the idea of a secret?  Every individual person, as well as every family circle, is the repository of some secrets that one does not want to expose to the gaze of the cold, unsympathetic world.  Societies, cabinets, governments - all have their secrets.  Our legislatures sit with closed doors; the convention which framed the Federal Constitution was in secret session from its commencement until its close.  Why then, may Masons not have our secrets? 
Our big secret is that it is our obligation to:
Ignore any wind that blows out the light of reason
Practice Patience
Forgive and forget
Abolish anger.
With best wishes to you and your families for the holiday season !

Durward C. Ayre 32° KCCH
Regional Orient Membership Ambassador for the Valleys of San Jose and Fresno in California