From the General Secretary (July 2020)

posted Jul 7, 2020, 1:54 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

We are now under contract to rent a large portion of the parking lot to Amazon, so when you come please make sure you get a spot that is marked for SJSR Only.

Work continues in the building, the new stage curtain is installed and is beautiful, see picture on page 9.  The new ceiling is mostly in and will be completed shortly.  We are repairing one of the walls.  We are down to that wall and a few columns in the dinning room and we will have painted the interior of the building.  We used about 100 gallons of paint in the process.

We have also been doing some clean up outside.  Soon we will repaint the signage out front by the street and we have cleared a lot of dead plants and trees and are removing the juniper bushes which were blocking the sign.

We also have a new water fountain to install that will be capable of refilling bottles and is filtered.

We had a center channel speaker installed and we will soon have new stage/spot lights installed that will be programmable and will improve our degrees.

Once the major projects have been completed we will be doing a major clean up of our paraphernalia room.

While we are still unable to meet, if anyone wants to come down during the week to tour the building they are more than welcome to do so.

If we can’t meet again in July we will have a zoom meeting, hopefully many of you will join us for it.  Look to your emails for the log on information.