2017 Fall Reunion

posted Aug 2, 2017, 11:49 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite
Fall 2017 Reunion

My Brothers,

Our Fall 2017 Reunion is less than 3 months away! Do you have the dates entered in your calendar or datebook, and are you planning to attend? If you don’t reserve the dates now, you’ll for sure book something else on them between now and then. The dates are: OCT 20-21 (Fri-Sat); OCT 27-28 (Fri-Sat); NOV 7 (Tues). Enter them now! More details on the schedule of events next month.

This is also the perfect time to start talking with the Master Masons in your Blue Lodge about the meanings, lessons and benefits of going through the Scottish Rite Degrees. Don’t procrastinate and say you’ll wait until the end of summer to talk to people. By then, they’ll have booked something else into those dates and be unavailable. Talk with them NOW, and tell them how much the Scottish Rite has meant to you, and why you think they would benefit equally by taking the Degrees. Make sure you have an application handy, like the one inside the back page of this Rite Word. If you need more—call or email the Office and we can send you as many as you need. Our last couple Reunion Classes have been smaller than in past years, and we’d really like to see a few dozen Candidates in the Fall. Each of you must know at least ONE Master Mason who would be a good Candidate. Do him a favor by inviting him to join our Ancient and Accepted Rite. You’ll be glad you did!