Maury Dunbar & Freemasonry

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Ill. Maurice V. Dunbar 33˚ (May 24th, 1928 to April 16th, 2013)
For thirty years the San Jose Scottish Rite of Freemasonry enjoyed over twelve hundred talks from its Orator and Librarian Maury Dunbar.  The talks ranged from Masonic personalities and ancient societies to modern conflicts.
Eighty percent of the more than over 5,600 volumes in the Scottish Rite Library were found by Maury, some by rummaging through Good Will and other stores.  He transformed the library.  The library now holds rare and first editions volumes plus the holy scriptures of the world’s great religions.  You may find books concerning Masonic history and personalities such as Benjamin Franklin. Maury, a college professor and Steinbeck scholar, said that you could earn a master's degree in English by studying Shakespeare in the library.
The Scottish Rite awarded Maury with the coveted 33rd Degree.
He was the:
Former Master of the El Camino Research Lodge 
Past Commander of the Legion of Honor of the Asiya (Ah sigh yah) Shrine Temple. 
Member of Los Altos Masonic Lodge #712 and Three Great Lights Masonic Lodge # 818
Maury was raised a Master Mason at Orient Lodge, Topeka, Kansas on December 23, 1960.
All are invited to attend Maury’s Memorial Service on Thursday, May 30th Beginning at 2:00pm At  “The San Jose Scottish Rite Center”
2455 Masonic Drive * San Jose, CA. 95125
Light refreshments to follow the service.