June 2012 Regional Orient Membership Ambassador Message

posted May 23, 2015, 5:41 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 23, 2015, 5:42 PM ]
Scottish Rite membership is our key to success.  It is built on Faith, Hope and Charity.  We must not lull ourselves into thinking that we need not replace the membership losses that we suffer through deaths, demits and those members who have been suspended for non-payment of dues.  New members are essential.
Every devoted Scottish Rite Mason is a resource who can and should talk about our great and ancient Order to those who are worthy and well-qualified.  Masonic history is untainted by crime or cruelty.  Masons have always has been devoted to the discovery of the truth and our fidelity to principle is unquestionable.  Masonic history and principle are our selling points!
Appoint a chairman in charge of retention to contact those members who have not paid their dues.  Have him ask why.  Ask him to find out if there is something that can be done to retain these members. 
Appoint a chairman in charge of reinstatement.  The brethren should know of our constant and tireless search after truth and the fostering care bestowed on education.
A great philosopher has said that "One truth discovered is immortal, and entitles its author to be so; for, like a new substance in nature, it cannot be destroyed."
Masonry has ever been engaged in discovering new truths.  In endeavoring to preserve from obscurity the old truths that make our institution worthy of immortal honor, we perform the sacred work of brotherly love, relief and truth.
 Even though at times we are weary, we must step down heavily on the membership accelerator pedal.  Upon our ancient and honorable Order and each of our members lies the responsibility of preserving intact the sacred privilege of helping our Fraternity continue to seek and champion truth through growing our membership. 

Durward C. Ayre 32° KCCH / MC
Regional Orient Membership Ambassador for the Valleys of San Jose, Fresno and San Francisco in California