From the Wise Master (October 2018)

posted Oct 11, 2018, 11:47 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

I want to introduce you to the Masonic Restoration Foundation (MRF). If you are already familiar with the MRF this can serve as a refresher/update as to this educational organization.

From their Statement of Purposes, we learn that since 2001, the MRF has been looking into the many issues facing Masonry in North America to identify successful current and historical practices and offering realistic solutions aimed at improving the experience of Masonic labor. They strive to understand modern perceptions of Masonry and to understand what newer Masons seek in the Lodge experience. The MRF fully understands that many men who are joining the craft today have generally done a lot of reading and web research to formulate an opinion of the fraternity.

So, many of these new Brothers come into Masonry knowing more than many of us who have been members for some time. Our younger Brothers seem to perceive Freemasonry as a path or venue for seeking truth, self-improvement, philosophical development and the discovery of one’s inner potential.

To learn more about the MRF organization, mission and goals I direct you to their website at www. On the website, you can learn of the membership of the Board of Directors present and past. You will see many names you recognize and Brothers you have sat in Lodge with during your travels.  Most Worshipful John Cooper and Very Worshipful Allan Casalou have served on the board and Worshipful John Zacharakis (Master of Academia Lodge No. 851 in Oakland) is a current board member.

Worshipful Brother Andrew Hammer, the current MRF president has written;

 “If Lodge meetings and functions are no different than any other social function one would normally have in life, save the symbols and jargon, then in time brothers will have forgotten what Masonry truly is,  and abandoned what makes it the treasure it has been for centuries to the best of men in all stations in life. It will become just like everything else, conforming to everything else, and nothing more. The very thing that makes the Craft special will have been sacrificed to what is easy and comfortable, and the quarries then become filled with idlers who want the benefits of being called craftsmen, without actually doing or knowing how to do any work.”

This observation is worthy of our further consideration.  I hope I have piqued your interest in the MRF and the great work it has and is doing. In August, the MRF held it’s 9th Annual Symposium. Many timely topics and panels covered a wide range of issues important to Masons. Soon, I am sure you will be able to find reference on their web as to where you can get more information on the light presented at the symposium.