From the Wise Master (November, 2018)

posted Nov 8, 2018, 5:42 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

One of the best examples and expression of the strong ties among the Brothers of our Fraternity is the tradition of the Chain of Union. Each month after our Blue Lodge instructional meeting, and lodge is closed, the Master invites the brethren to join him and the wardens around the altar to form a Chain of Union and memorialize our ties with our Brothers past, present and future. What a beautiful and moving moment.

During this ceremony the Master asks us to join our hearts as we join our hands in the Chain. We are reminded that this beautiful symbol binds us in time and in space and that it comes to us from the past and leads us toward the future. It binds us with our Masters who formed it yesterday and with our Masters of tomorrow so that through it Freemasons of all rites and origin may unite.

He goes on to ask that we enrich this Chain with our common commitment to virtue and to raise our minds and hearts to our craft’s ideal and strive to bring all men closer together through Fraternity. All those gathered in the Temple are asked to assure their resolve is as unbreakable as the Brotherly affection forming the Mystic Chain and to promise to work without rest in building Tne Temple of Peace.

I ask each who read this article if you can agree that this ceremony exemplifies at least a part of the best of what we have to offer ourselves and each other as Freemasons?  I think so and am moved to be better as the Chain is broken until we shall with one accord agree to form this mighty symbol once more.

I Look forward to seeing you at the November Stated Meeting and Dinner. We will be honoring our military that evening and will have guests from the senior and junior ROTC programs in our jurisdiction. Please take this opportunity to show your thanks for their service to our great country.