From the Wise Master (November, 2013)

posted May 30, 2015, 2:40 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 30, 2015, 2:40 PM ]

Hello all!

November is the month in which we have a holiday that is dedicated to “giving thanks”.  So I encourage you to take time to tell the people you care about that you’re thankful they’re in your lives.  Life is uncertain and none of us know how long we have to be with each other.  So, right now, grab the phone and call someone you love and say, “Hey...just calling to let you know that you make a difference in my life and I’m thankful!”  Then you can come back and finish reading this.  <pause to allow time for the call>  Now, don’t you feel better??  And I’m sure they do too!
For those of you who attended the Fourth Degree conferral on the 29th of October, it went very well.  
We had an excellent dinner and were able to welcome several new candidates to the beginning of their Scottish Rite journey.  Please check the reunion schedule to see when the remaining degrees are to be conferred and come down to show your support.  Remember, reunions are not “just for new candidates”…it’s for us to come together in a reunion as Scottish Rite masons and enjoy the lessons that our degrees exemplify.  Please plan to attend all that you can!
So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s some food for thought about things to be thankful for:
Sense of sight - For letting you see the colors of life
Sense of hearing - For letting you hear trickle of rain, the voices of your loved ones, and the harmonious chords of music
Sense of touch - For letting you feel the texture of your clothes, the breeze of the wind, the hands of your loved ones
Sense of smell - For letting you smell scented candles, perfumes, and beautiful flowers in your garden
Sense of taste - For letting you savor the sweetness of fruits, the saltiness of seawater, the sourness of pickles, the bitterness of bitter gourd, and the spiciness of chili
Your hands - So you can type on your computer, flip the pages of books, and hold the hands of your loved ones
Your legs - For letting you walk, run, swim, play the sports you love, and curl up in the comfort of your seat
Your good health - For enabling you to do what you want to do and for what you’re about to do in the future
Tears - For helping you express your deepest emotions
Music - For lifting your spirits when you’re down and for filling your life with more love
Kind strangers – For brightening up your days when you least expect it
Your mistakes - For helping you to improve and become better
Laughter - For serenading your life with joy
Love - For letting you feel what it means to truly be alive
Scottish Rite - For letting you share the lives of some truly extraordinary people

And in closing, I say be thankful for friends.  A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace and makes the world we live in a better and happier place.  So, friend, I’ll see you soon.

Bud Ramsey
Wise Master