From the Wise Master (May, 2014)

posted May 30, 2015, 6:38 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 30, 2015, 6:38 PM ]

My Brothers,

April was very busy, but fulfilling for the Chapter Rose Croix. 
Our Stated Meeting and dinner was very well attended. We counted over 20 brethren on the sidelines at our 18th degree and over forty participants at the Maundy Thursday ceremony. I would like to thank the cast again, specifically Ill. Richard Fisher, 33° who not only organized but also again took on the most difficult role as Wise Master for the evening. 
At our first casual wine tasting we had a small but enthusiastic group. It included two Fellow Crafts and one of the candidates for the 2nd degree to be conferred by our Scottish Rite 2nd Degree Team April 28th. We enjoyed wines at Naumann, Ridge and Fellow Ranch on Montebello Road in the Cupertino Mountains, and had enough time for a small picnic on top of the hill at Ridge. The views were spectacular, and we were even able to see the city line of San Francisco from there.
Our next casual wine tasting tour will be on July 19th, again a Passport Day. The winery region we are looking at that time will be the Summit Wineries off Summit Road and Highway 17. We again are looking for a small group and consolidation of cars, since there again will be wineries with very limited parking..

Wolfgang Lochner 
Wise Master