From the Wise Master (March 2019)

posted Mar 4, 2019, 7:47 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Sometimes it is necessary to step back and observe to see the truth laid in front of us. Subtle, creeping changes (sometimes intentional) in socially accepted norms, changes our beliefs and actions, thus slowly changing who we are, what we believe in and how we supposed to act. As we slowly accept a new normal especially promoted with social acceptance, we tent to react, instead of act within our values and virtues which we have committed to live by.

Man is a social animal. Man can learn many behaviors and when man acquires the socially excepted behaviors, he is considered a fit and proper member of the regularly organized society.

Modern man is facing a challenge called Social Engineering while seeking Masonic Wisdom. Social Engineering is the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society. Social Engineering was only theoretical for large scale implementation until social media made it possible for reaching out to large unquestioning masses to regulate behavior of society, thus managing change in certain direction especially focusing on individual rights and not so much on individual obligations but obligations of others.

A Man’s mind is cultivated through teachings, examples and social acceptance which then becomes a habit in daily life. In order to minimize the influence of Social Engineering, a man must be selective and questioning of information, teachings, socially accepted and redefined (popular and perishable) good and evil.

All seeing eye reminds us. The Deity knows all of our throughs and actions; our behaviors are driven by purpose within Masonic Virtues and formed by the square and the compass. Remember, Circumstances do not make the man; they merely reveal him.

With that, I would like to refocus on Masonic Wisdom and quote Albert Pike from Morals and Dogma:

“The obligations of our Ancient Brethren of the Rose were to fulfill all the duties of friendship, cheerfulness, charity, peace, liberality, temperance and chastity: and scrupulously to avoid impurity, haughtiness, hatred, anger, and every other kind of vice.”

 “The Degree of Rose teaches three things; --the unity, immutability and goodness of God; the immortality of the Soul; and the ultimate defeat and extinction of evil and wrong and sorrow, by a Redeemer or Messiah, yet to come, if he has not already appeared. It replaces the three pillars of the old Temple, with three that have already been explained to you,--Faith [in God, mankind, and man's self], Hope [in the victory over evil, the advancement of Humanity, and a hereafter], and Charity [relieving the wants. and tolerant of the errors and faults of others]. To be trustful, to be hopeful, to be indulgent; these, in an age of selfishness, of it opinion of human nature, of harsh and bitter judgment, are the most important Masonic Virtues, and the true supports of every Masonic Temple. And they are the old pillars of the Temple under different names. For he only is wise who judges others charitably; he only is strong who is hopeful; and there is no beauty like a firm faith in God, our fellows and ourself.”

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