From the Wise Master (June, 2018)

posted Jun 8, 2018, 1:36 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

This month I present the second part of my Maundy Thursday talk on Harmony. I hope you can refer, if necessary, to the May Rite Word to refresh your memory of Part I.

PART II on Harmony with Others and Nature

It is almost impossible to conceive of living our lives without frequent contacts with others. Humans are not as self-sufficient as we might like to think we are.  It is generally agreed that we have an innate need for communication, that we are social animals. Our gregarious nature compels us to live in a society or community. It is to our benefit to do all we can to preserve harmony in our family and in all other relationships. Let’s say the whole of humanity!  We live in an age where technology gives us the capability to communicate with our family and friends with the utmost speed and ease. But, these media must be carefully employed. Temperance and Prudence come to mind, as two Cardinal Virtues, discussed in the First-degree lecture, to help guide us in this regard.

I can think of few things more stressful than living in a state of conflict. Harmony must be the Golden Rule within the family and society. This does not mean group think because this would lead to conformity and uniformity which certainly stands in the way of evolution. To the contrary, we should live together in mutual respect, with the goal of using our differences of opinion and individual behaviors for the good of all.

There is a Buddhist teaching that says:
Let your words pass through three gates:

Is it True?

Is it Necessary?

Is it Kind?

We live on this wonderful planet in this harmonious universe provided for us by the Great Architect of the Universe. To examine the harmony between ourselves and the natural environment might seem unnecessary as it is so self-evident. But all we must do is look around us to see how we have through acts of commission and omission with, in most cases, the best of intentions disrupted the balance or harmony of our surroundings. 

Nature does have its Body of Laws and humans have obligations to understand and respect these laws. We must accept that our actions as individuals or as a community if not in harmony with nature will and already have resulted in dire consequences.

To summarize, it is generally believed our happiness is in direct proportion to the state of harmony that each of us maintains within ourselves, with others and with nature. The more we are aware of this the more we might feel the obligation and necessity to construct and maintain our human and natural relationships in harmony.

Let me close with this Scottish Rite Rose Croix characterization of this celebration: it is “The moment when the Word was recovered; when the Cubical Stone was changed to the Mystic Rose; when the Blazing Sun reappeared in its entire splendor; the Columns of the Temple were re-established; the Working Tools of Masonry restored; when True Light dispelled the darkness and the New Love began to rule upon the earth”.

I trust these thoughts on Harmony might cause us all to reflect on how we discharge our obligations and duties inculcated in our Masonic lodges. For these obligations and duties charge Freemasons to live their Masonry in all aspects of daily activity.

On June 19, the Personal Representative and the Venerable Master invites you and all Freemasons to “An Evening of Scottish Rite Instruction and Festive Agape Dinner”. I hope to see you there and share with you this evening of light and Brotherly Love.