From the Wise Master (July 2017)

posted Jul 10, 2017, 4:04 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite


On June 20th we had the privilege to hear Bro. Jonathan Prestage, 32°, General Secretary of the Scottish Rite Valley of Oakland presenting his paper “The Art of Intention – A tool to aid the Mason’s search for Inner Light”.  Brother Jonathan speech opens the door to new directions in studying the power of the Mind and how to use it in our continuous quest for improvement.  It was a very interesting and full of “food for thought” ideas in a presentation not to be missed.

Great Night of Instruction! Now, let’s have some fun and relax with the sound of music.

The Chapter of Rose Croix invites all of you, family members and friends included, to a Afternoon of Classical Music where we will be talking with and listening to Theodora Martin, a recent graduate from Berkeley.  Her presentation will discuss and illustrate, at the piano, two different classical composers and their artistic approach.

It’s “Liszt versus Brahms” or ‘Two Types of Virtuosity’ and Theodora will take us all for a stroll through the complicated pages of musical scoring that, in the end, will prove to be less complicated and full of surprises and joy.  And she promises to “deconstruct” the big composers and their scores and to answer our questions, to explain all in plain language and to make us and the kids feel like we know everything about classical music.  That should be really fun.

Come in on Sunday, July 9th and let’s enjoy this special opportunity.  The show will start at 2:30 pm, it’s only $10 and of course, kids are free.  We are going to have refreshments after that and have the pleasure to ask more questions and get to know Theodora better. See you all on Sunday the 9th!

Ion Vasilescu

Wise Master