From the Wise Master (July, 2015)

posted Jul 18, 2015, 2:17 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Jul 18, 2015, 2:20 PM ]
The Festive Agape Program on the 16th was superb. I counted over 45 chairs filled. Almost all the newly capped 32nd degree Scottish Rite Brothers participated—and the paper  presented by Bro. Scott really delved into the esoteric related background of one’s  prospective reasons for possibly wanting to become a Mason in the first place.
Imagine from the bottom of the ocean with no light, to light but with only being able to see dancing shadows on the wall with some light, to the full light of the beauty and glory of the day. A very impressive presentation—and also the thought provoking questions that were posed by many of the attendees. A real good take-in, and we look forward to seeing Scott again at the Fall Reunion. He has an excellent speaking voice and I am told that he holds a major speaking part in the East in one of the degrees.
As I mentioned last month I am leading a small contingent of lodge masons to  visit the “USS Hornet” aircraft carrier now based on the other side of the bay in Alameda—and I extend to all brother Scottish Rite Masons and their family and friends to also visit this historic icon with us as a group. We can carpool and perhaps do a wine tasting or a local restaurant afterwards as desired. The date is Sunday, July 19th leaving in the morning to arrive “on board” at around noon. Please see me here or call.

Dell Bleiler, Wise Master