From the Wise Master (August 2018)

posted Aug 7, 2018, 8:09 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

What a marvelous California Orient Reunion we had!  I am so appreciative of the opportunity given to me by our Valley to play a small part in this historic event.  The four degrees of  the Chapter of Rose Croix were exemplified by the Valleys of Sacramento, Oakland and Ventura. A good  job by all. Thanks to the casts and all the others involved in staging and supporting these four beautiful degree conferrals.

I was particularly taken on Saturday morning by the 17th Degree, Knight of the East and West. As you already know, this degree depicts a confrontation between King Herod II and John the Baptist resulting in the murder of John. The Oakland Valley’s performance was strong and beautiful while delivering the message about a king who sacrificed his spiritual soul for earthly and material things.

I am thinking about a presentation on the 17th Degree at our June 2019 Scottish Rite Night of Instruction as a recognition and celebration of St. John the Baptist Day. Stay tuned for more on this later.

Putting on my degree director cap, I thank the cast of the 12th Degree, Master Architect, for the great job they did in presenting this degree during the reunion. Kudos to Illustrious Hal Leister, Brother Joseph DaSilva KCCH, Brother Martin Maxey KCCH and Brother Don Littlefield for their polished performances and dedication to Scottish Rite Masonry. Also, thanks to Brother Jeff Toone for all his support during the reunion.

This month we hold our annual reception for our Grand Master of California Masons. It is hoped you plan to attend to honor our Grand Master and hear the message he has planned for us. Details on this event can be found elsewhere in the Rite Word.