From the Venerable Master (September 2018)

posted Sep 3, 2018, 6:20 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

September is the first of several months, which, when you consider their name-roots, are out of place.  September through December, their names would imply, are the seventh through the tenth months.  A quick glance at the calendar, however, tells you that such is not the case. 


Of course, these months were initially named from a lack of creativity anyway - the first sixth months having been named for Roman gods.  It seems the Romans either ran out of gods, or just didn’t seem to care that much, and simply called the last four, “Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten”.  You will know, I’m sure, that the Roman calendar began with only ten months.  July and August were added late in the Roman period, to honor Julius and Augustus Caesar.  This, of course, pushed the lackadaisically named last four months into the realm of the nonsensical.  We have much to thank the Romans for, but quite obviously, they had their limitations.


So here we are in September.  School is back in, and there is more traffic on the roads.  Vacations are over.  It is back to reality for adults and children alike.  Masonry picks up again, after having been dark for a while, at least in a few organizations.  And now we hurtle toward the end of the year – Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

We in the San Jose Scottish Rite have accomplished a lot this year, including our huge presence in the Statewide Reunion.  Most recently we held our fun and successful Festive Board in honor of our Grand Master. 


The rest of the year will be no exception.  This month we have a trip to Alcatraz, on September 8, and a visit to the Steinbeck Center in Salinas on September 22.  We will see a number of other great activities throughout the year.  Please join us for all the fun and fellowship.


We look forward to our Fall Reunion, coming up in November.  Be active in talking to your Masonic brethren about the benefits of becoming Scottish Rite Masons, and encourage them to join.


I hope to see you all at our Stated Meeting on September 11.