From the Venerable Master (September 2017)

posted Aug 31, 2017, 2:34 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

My Brothers.

     I’d like to take a concept from one of the 29 Scottish Rite Degrees and make note of its philosophical importance in our lives.  This month I will focus on the closing of the 29th Degree.

     The Venerable Master says, “ Wrong and error rule over the world and it is only here and there that truth and right are conquerors.  But morning ever comes at last after night, and no true Mason despairs of final victory,”

     As I think through my life and of those I knew best, I find truth in this.  How many times have we been fooled, swindled, manipulated or influenced by the ego, not the intelligence, of another or ourselves.  And did we lead ourselves down the wrong path because of any of this misleading. In the end each of us would find that we misled ourselves out of falsehood and can blame no one other than ourselves.  Focus on the final victory through truth and right is the only way out of the spiral created by wrong and error.

     This statement by the Venerable Master of the 29th Degree is a charge to examine everything in the Light to see that it possesses the qualities of truth or right.   We must be prepared for the final victory through this process.  The final victory is a personal one on the road we travel from birth to death. 

Martin Maxey

Venerable Master