From the Venerable Master (October 2020)

posted Oct 1, 2020, 1:35 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite


October is here, already. You may ask yourself: where did the year go? Sometimes it feels like a big blur without major milestones. Well, a lot of things changed, a lot of things were impacted. This is like a year that will make its mark in the books of history, and leave permanent changes in how we conduct our social life.

The Oktoberfest in Munich would have just ended. An event that has happened for 210 years, except for years of serious distress. This year is one of those now 25 times that the event had to be cancelled. Some due to wars such as the Napoleonic War, wars against Prussia, WW I and WW II. Covid-19 is in company with Cholera epidemics in 1854 and 1873. Given attendance of 6 to 7 million people from all over the world, it was the smart thing to do, although Europe has way better virus statistics and it is now possible to travel fairly easily within Europe. My bet: this one will be back after this Pandemic, with little changes.

I’ve seen more and more restaurants here now introducing new methods of how to order. Ask for a table, scan in a QR Code from your phone to see the menu, then agree to open a tab online via electronic payment of choice, order your dinner, and voilà, tax and tip is added and you are all set. You’ll see your waiter just at the beginning or after your orders are ready to be served. Systems like this will likely stick around and grow more and more.

Some of my neighbors are getting ready for Halloween, one of them almost done with decorations. It is good to see traditions being maintained, specifically in times of distress. As for the trick-or-treat experience, we’ll have to await further guidance. Thanks to the enthusiastic neighbors, I usually get fleets of mini-vans come in. I usually have friends over on my porch, one of them counting kids and others handing out candies. Last year: 392 kids. All candies being sealed, they may be safe after a few days, but social distancing could be a challenge. We’ll have to see.

We will continue with our virtual meetings for the time being. If you know of brethren that have not been able to participate in person, due to reasons like distance or health, please invite them to our meetings. Same holds true to potential candidates. Our social hour may convince them about Scottish Rite’s friends and family oriented character of events, and to ask more questions about the degrees and topics touched on for further light in Masonry. While we will not have a in-person Reunion this year, we will have a virtual Reunion to onboard our interested brethren. We can help them feeling welcome by inviting them to our virtual meetings. Please reach out to your Lodge. The timeline is tight, as the event will be on November 7th. For event login, please see emails from our Secretary, Gregg Hall. Please DO NOT post event information on public facing social sites, though – i.e. no Facebook, Twitter, blogs, …

Happy October,