From the Venerable Master (June, 2017)

posted Jul 2, 2017, 8:48 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

My Brothers…..


In our second degree we have a fantastic lecture; which we have come to call the carpet lecture.  In this we learn about the intelligence given to mankind and his ability to use it to further our use of this earth and to increase our survival through learning to build; structurally and mentally. 

     We, mankind, began to add beauty to our edifices without disturbing the strength.  This gives rise to the idea that we are capable of creation through our meditative contact with the Great Artificer of The Universe.

     In the Masters lecture we learn that the ruthless hands of ignorance and the devastation of war have, and will always be capable, of destroying our valuable monuments of antiquity.

     In the esoteric sense of our work there is a nobler and glorious use for this knowledge:  We are to always be working on ways to improve the use of our minds; to add beauty without yielding strength and maintain a high standard for our personal education and philosophy.  We have to be able to connect all of our actions and thoughts; as the geometer is able to connect how, and why, all things move and work.

     In the same respect we are capable of laying waste and destroying all things if we are ignorant, intolerant, and un-unified in our efforts to be of service to our brothers and mankind.  We must be capable of showing mankind that we, as Masons, strive to meet these noble goals.

     As promised two months ago I will keep you updated on our upcoming comedy show.  We will start selling tickets in late June or early July for the Sunday August 27 dinner and comedy show;  Staring Michael Mancini, Americas funniest cop.  Angela and I will work out the details for our dinner.  Perhaps we can convince the Knights of Saint Andrew to do a BBQ at this event.  The notice for this show will go out to local lodges and local police as well.


Martin Maxey

Venerable Master