From the Venerable Master (August 2020)

posted Jul 27, 2020, 5:33 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

August, the “august” month, the distinguished, the respected, the venerable month. It is the eighth month of the year. But wait, it used to be called Sextilis, i.e the sixth month of the old Roman ten month calendar. Well, about 300 BC two months were added after better understanding of the world’s control over time, and then some adjustments were made on days of the months. The Roman Emperor Augustus claimed the month for him, having had good luck in battles fought that month. It’s good to be the King!


August is a also month that many of us associate with travel. Well, right now we need to rediscover the art of “stay-cation”. If you have a backyard, for kicks and giggles, get your tent out over the weekend and dust off that Weber camping grill that you may have. The rules have been tightened up again, so that cooler next to your tent will be safer than a beer at the out-door burger joint, and in handy distance. No mask required, unless your grill fire gets too smoky.


We will get over this, it is a matter of time, and this situation actually makes time available for projects, and for some people to do them. I have seen some amazing pictures of the improvements and renovations in our Scottish Rite Center. Many thanks to all that have been contributing thus far, by labor, or by donations. There are plenty of projects left, so if you can help in one way or the other, please contact our Secretary, Gregg.


I wish you all a happy August,