From the Venerable Master (April, 2009)

posted May 14, 2015, 2:33 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 14, 2015, 2:33 PM ]

Brethren, Ladies and Friends,

I'm writing this message the evening following our Night of Instruction and Festive Agape Banquet fondly remembering the prime rib, shrimp, tart and the paper presented by the Ill. Arthur Porter, 33 Degree and Venerable Master of the Oakland Bodies and the double helping of fellowship round the table.  The paper was on Robert Burns but asking questions during dinner adds to the learning experience.
A few years ago our Supreme Council set a number of goals one of which was increase the educational opportunities offered Scottish Rite Masons.  The Nights of Instruction Brother Chuck Cowden has and is organizing are one of the ways The Valley of San Jose is presenting the opportunity.
I would like to congratulate Brother Ken Justice for completing the Supreme Council's Master Craftsman program and joining the Valley of San Jose's growing roster of those who did the reading and took the six open book tests.
The Master Craftsman program consists of six open book tests covering the history of Scottish Rite, the degrees of the four Bodies and Supreme Council honors and awards.
We have two more Nights of Instruction scheduled for 2009.  The next will be in June and the last in October.  The October date will be announced soon and this evening will be a bit different than the others.  The October Night of Instruction and Festive Agape Banquet will be open to Master Masons.  If you have a neighbor, friend or lodge brother you would like show the Scottish Rite in action, this is a great opportunity.
Finally, our Scholarship Selection Committee evaluated the applications and selected our 2009 Scholarship recipient.

Richard M. Fisher
Venerable Master