From the Venerable Master (December, 2008)

posted May 13, 2015, 4:38 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 13, 2015, 4:39 PM ]

Brethren and Ladies

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!!!  I hope this season brings you joy and prosperity.  This is also the time of year for Lodge Installations, gift giving, holiday parties, and so on.  I want to thank my wife, Susan,  for her efforts in putting together the Christmas Party for the children who have been involved in our Childhood Language Clinic.  This is an event appreciated by all.
At our next meeting, during the dinner, we’ll be awarding the “Mason of the Year” designated by each of the Lodges in the area and I want to encourage all of you to attend.  This is our opportunity to recognize Masons who are being acknowledged by their own Lodge for their contributions.  In addition to the usual good meal, this should be a fun event.
On October 25th we began our Reunion by conferring the new 4th Degree.  Anyone in attendance will tell you that the Degree Team did an excellent job under the direction of Brother Randy Downey.  I also want to commend our General Secretary, Bob Rowan KCCH, for the props, stage setting, slide work, and “special sounds” that contributed to the overall effectiveness of the degree.  We received a lot of compliments with many saying it was the best they had seen.
I hope all of you have a great holiday.  This is also the time for a lot of good food.  Dave Barry once said, “I recently had my annual physical examination, which I get once every seven years, and when the nurse weighed me, I was shocked to discover how much stronger the Earth's gravitational pull has become since 1990.”  Much like Dave, my understanding is that leaving Thanksgiving and heading into this holiday season is a time when the gravitational pull increases the most.
And as we approach the New Year, let’s remember the words of Hal Borland who said, “Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”  Scottish Rite is full of rich experiences and sage wisdom if we take the time to study and live its precepts.  See you at the next meeting!

Bud Ramsey
Venerable Master