From the Secretaries Table (September, 2010)

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As you are all aware, we are nearing the home stretch in preparation for the Liberty Mutual Invitational Golf Tournament.  We still need a number of volunteers to help.  Won’t you please consider helping with registration, or scoring, or even just meeting and greeting the participants?  We sure could use your help.  Perhaps you can assist us in getting some door prizes or silent auction items for the event.
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Here is a brief message from Marilyn Schmidt.  Looks like they are both improving, thank God.
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    Thank you for remembering me along with Bob in the "Shut In List".  I am now off oxygen, and getting rid of the wheelchair.  When we go to town I do use a walker.  Thank goodness I do feel better.
    Bob has improved so much, thank goodness, since all of a sudden he had to turn into the chief cook and bottle washer.  If all goes well he does not return to the Doctor at Stanford until October.
    Thank you again.
Marilyn (Schmidt)
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Is there a distinction between Masonic oath and Masonic obligation?
The “oath” is the “So help me, God” at the end of any solemn promise made with hand upon the Book of the Law.  The “obligation” is the substance of the preceding promises.  “Oath” is thus symbolical of man’s fear of God; “obligation” signifies the promises and agreements made preceding the oath.
(Source:  EMMESSAY NOTES — August 2010)

Robert D. Rowan, Jr. 
General Secretary