From the Secretaries Table (May, 2010)

posted May 19, 2015, 2:14 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 19, 2015, 2:21 PM ]

Brethren all,

Surprise, surprise! Has anyone a guess as to the cause of the broken glass shown here? Believe it or not, it was caused by a low flying duck.. In fact it was a female and she survived the impact but the repair cost almost $400. (I am certain that the ladies will be upset with me for this observation, but that is life I guess.)
April was an interesting month at the very least. First came our stated meeting and then it was followed by a
tremendous effort by the ritualists for the various degrees of Scottish Rite. For three weeks, rehearsals were on the schedule for all degrees (many evenings had more than one Lodge room set up).
In the middle of all this, Ill. Winter, myself and VM Ayre travelled to New Orleans to attend the Leadership Conference which happens every two years.
That was very informative and each of us came away with information helpful to our Valley of San Jose.
This issue of your Rite Word has quite a few pictures of our Spring Reunion. I hope you will enjoy them and, if you were not able to be with us, you missed a dynamite happening! Your loss (but ours as well).
I hope that you will be joining us for the Night of Instruction on May 18th. We have an excellent speaker for the evening (V.W. Alan Cassalou—Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge) and you should be filled to
the brim after a great Prime Rib dinner.

Robert D. Rowan, Jr. 
General Secretary