From the Secretaries Table (June, 2009)

posted May 15, 2015, 1:43 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 15, 2015, 1:43 PM ]


I recently read an article entitled “Why a Reunion?” by John Warren, 32° KCCH from the Denver Consistory, and I would like to share some of his thoughts with you.
“Does anyone know ….. really know, why we hold Reunions?  Some may answer that a Reunion is a chance to get all dressed up, act in a play and simply have some fun.  Some may even say Reunions are held just to give a lot of guys something to do.     -     Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong!
There are a few questions to be answered before we can answer the main question of why a Reunion and they include the following:
What is the definition of the word ‘reunion’?
Do we present then for all the right or wrong reasons?
What type of person participates and what do we mean by participation?
According to one of the definitions found in, a Reunion is a reuniting again or a gathering of relatives, friends or associates at regular intervals or after separation.  It sounds as if we are on the right path in defining the word “Reunion’.
A Scottish Rite definition found in the reunion programs states that:  “A reunion is a reuniting of the membership after a period of separation.  It is a homecoming get-together of the Brethren in a continuing fellowship of the Fraternity.”  Hmmmmm! Now we are a little closer to our definition of the word ‘Reunion’.
Brother John goes on to say that “We are the degrees...and all Scottish Rite actions rest on the performance of the Degrees, for they are the means by which we teach the ideals and philosophy of the Rite.”
I recommend that you pick up a copy of his article (there is a copy in my office) and read it for yourself.  He comes to the point very well and demonstrates that we really need some more “Scottish Rite Education”.
Robert D. Rowan, Jr. 
General Secretary