From the Secretaries Table (July, 2013)

posted May 27, 2015, 5:37 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 27, 2015, 5:37 PM ]

Brethren all,

This message may not set well with all but I prepare it heartfelt and ask your indulgence.
In thinking about Independence Day, I am reminded of several occurrences that have affected us over the last 20 years.  In fact, I prepared a commentary that I intended to publish, but never got around to it.  I called it “Independence, Violence and the Media”  and here is part of it:
Over two hundred years ago we declared our independence from a form a government that gave us little, if any choice in the way our founders lived and acted.  We objected, in a large part, to the way we received our information and the makeup of the way the actions of government were imparted to us.  Do you recall the phrase “taxation without representation”?
Some very similar verbiage can be said be said today.  Do you remember when Nancy Kerrigan was attacked in an Olympic trial event and the media commentator said “...something good will come of this.”  How about listening to the first reports after the bombing in Oklahoma City when we were told that “we don’t know yet why this has happened.  Similar mindless, inane comments have been fed to us after every terrorist attack ever since.  Not once have I heard from any media type any sense of outrage for actions directed toward us.
I believe that the very instant we, as a society, seek to find any reason at all for senseless violence, we begin to lose our rightful feeling of  independence.
I therefore suggest that we, as Masons, adopt several new commandments:
We must not listen to the “mindless rhetoric” which comes from “know nothing” entertainers.
We must always realize that it is acceptable to be outraged and perpetually angry with any senseless act of violence.
We must not be supportive of those who would attempt to anesthetize our minds with sympathies for  the perpetrators of moral outrage.
We must remain vocally outspoken against any who would attempt to defend the actions of any terrorist.

Fraternally yours,
Bob Rowan  -  General Secretary