From the Secretaries Table (February, 2010)

posted May 19, 2015, 12:07 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 19, 2015, 12:14 PM ]


What an honor it has been to complete another year as your General Secretary!  Thank you all for your patience and understanding!
Looking back over the minutes of the meetings for both the Bodies and the Foundation for the year 2009 was quite an education.  Although we have had a sea of troubles in the financial sector, and although we have had a number of our brothers reach the end of their earthly toils, the ship is still afloat in peaceful waters and we continue to make progress.
This year will prove to be interesting at the very least.  Our new corps of Officers are already known for their ability to “think outside of the box” and you might be surprised  with some of the things that could not ever be done, started and (hopefully) completed.  The 2010 appeal for support for the clinic has garnered your support and with only 20% of the members having been heard from an average contribution of $56.12 per member has so far resulted.  
Very soon you will receive information about some very new support that has been committed from the Willow Glen community and a nearby service club.  Stay tuned!
Those of you who could attend the annual Installation of Officers will attest to a very enjoyable evening.  Our Installing Officer (M.W. Ken Nagel, 33°) and our Master of Ceremonies (Ill. Bob Winter, 33°) were superlative in the presentation and installation of our Officers, to the enjoyment of all present.  The food and refreshments following and the “Arch of Unity” was an added enjoyable addition for the evening.  If you missed the it, you might check some of the pictures and plan to be with us next year.  We do our level best to be certain that the evening will be enjoyable.  (Most often we succeed.)
My very last comment for this month is to thank Angela Athans for coming to San Jose Scottish Rite.  With Mary Lou’s retirement, she had big shoes to fill.  She has endeared herself to our members; brought a needed freshness to our rental program, and in general, made life at the San Jose Scottish Rite Center much more enjoyable for everyone.  Thanks Angela!

Robert D. Rowan, Jr. 
General Secretary