From the Secretaries Table (October, 2007)

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First, I want to thank you for your many comments of congratulation and best wishes. I especially want to express my appreciation to Ill. Bill Stovall, 33° for his confidence in making the appointment and to Ill. Bob Winter, 33° and the office staff in making the transition as easy as possible. In addition, there have been many offers of assistance from many of you and I offer you my sincerest thanks., not only for help already freely given, but also for future assistance. Be assured that I will be calling you to get what help you can give

With the upcoming dues increase, the time may be right for you to convert to a Life Membership. Consider it carefully and if you need to discuss that option, feel free to call me.

Our Scottish Rite Valley is more that 100 years young and evidence in the form of publications, pictures, proclamations can be found in every office and file cabinet. For the near future, we will be dedicating an office downstairs to the organization and cataloging of the history of this valley. In fact we are considering it to become the office of the San Jose Scottish Rite Historian. We will be accumulating all the existing historical records and organizing them into a product worthy of exhibit. If you are available to assist in this project, please contact me. Suitable assistance will be given you.

I am very thankful that the various degree directors are scheduling their various degree rehearsals. Please continue to reserve your time for practices. Proper rehearsal can do nothing but improve the performance and delivery of each degree and, in doing so, make a greater impression on our new initiates.

Lastly, if you are in possession of a copy of an old version of any of the degree rituals, be aware that all old versions must be surrendered to me and new versions issued to you through each degree director. I had located four different versions of several of the degrees, and we must all be using the properly authorized ritual. Under no circumstances, is any degree director, or cast member, authorized to make copies of the ritual...


Bob Rowan—General Secretary

The Rite Word - October 2007, Volume 1, Issue 2