From the Secretaries Table (November, 2008)

posted May 13, 2015, 1:33 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 13, 2015, 1:34 PM ]

Dinner - What should it cost?

My Brothers,

About 364 days each year, I am very proud of my membership!  I do try to practice the lessons and teachings that we are taught.  Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth are my goals.  I do fall on my face often when faced with discussions about politics and religion but, I guess that is most likely why we are charged with the prohibition of discussing the same in an open lodge of the craft.
You will notice that I left out one day of the 365 day year.  That is the day that I allow myself to be irritated with some of the failings of some of our members.  Today is that day for this year.
How many of us can make reservations for an event without a monetary deposit of any kind?  -  None that I know of except our own Masonic Fraternity.
How many of us make reservations for an event and choose not to attend without any attempt for cancellation, and even remain silent without offering any reason?  If we did that outside of our Masonic Fraternity we would forfeit any possibility to receiving a return of our prepaid tickets for the reservation.
How many of us show up late for our reservation and still expect it to be honored as if we were on time?  No one that I know would even attempt to do so!  
Why then do we expect those actions to be acceptable in the Masonic Fraternity?  There is no reason !!!
Why can we not practice the very essence of courtesy and consideration by which we have been obligated?
The very reason that I have decided to write this message is that we had 61 reservations for stated meeting dinner this month, (October), for which we committed 70 to the caterer because we always have those who arrive without reservations and expect to be fed.  This month, only 54 chose to attend.  The entire membership of the Bodies paid for meals for 7 members who chose not to meet the commitment of their own reservations.  Ours is a Democratic Republic, not a Marxist Socialist Society.  Each must pay his own way without an artificial re-distribution of any wealth.  
Please, my Brothers, if you make a commitment (a reservation) consider it as money already spent by the Scottish Rite for your benefit.  Your obligation is obvious unless you wish to ask the Almoner to advance the necessary funds to cover you.  In itself, that is not a bad thing because our fraternity, like none other, is very pleased to do just that!
The current cost of our dinner, here at San Jose Scottish Rite, is $12.00 per person and includes hors dourvres and a desert.  There is not one restaurant in San Jose who will prepare the meals we serve here for that price!  Why can we not recognize that as fact?  I have often said that we “spill more than $12.00 per person when we go out to dinner”.  Think about it!!  When you take your wife to dinner, when was the last time that you spent less than $50.00 (not including tip)?  If you know of a restaurant that serves a dinner like those you have been enjoying at San Jose Scottish Rite, please refer them to me and we will consider meeting there  !!!!
* * * * * 
This month we lost several valued Brothers to the “Grim Reaper”.  Remember them fondly and often.
We are in process of gaining new members.  I trust that you will make them feel welcome and spend some time in getting to know each and every one as a friend and Brother.

Robert D. Rowan, Jr. 
General Secretary