From the Personal Representative (September, 2010)

posted May 19, 2015, 4:57 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 20, 2015, 4:13 PM ]

Brethren, Ladies and Friends;

I’ve been enjoying some interesting conversations with some of our members in trying to keep up with their lives and current activities, even though their situation does not always allow them to attend Scottish Rite.  Some of the conversations were delightful and responsive, some were a bit sad. 
One call I made to a brother. Ill Jim Sanderson 33° was particularly sad, as I just spoke with his wife. Jim passed away August 10, and the call turned out to be one of consolation, rather than brother-to-brother greetings. Jim joined San Jose Scottish Rite in 1953, received his Knight Commander Court of Honor in 1979, and his 33° in 1983. He was a Rear Admiral in the Navy when he retired, and has lived most of the later years of his life in Virginia Beach. We have had very little communication with him over the years, and I just regret having delayed this long in trying to get in touch with him.
I’ve spoken to several other brothers over the past few weeks. Bob Schmidt 33° is doing well, but doesn’t feel good about making the long drive to San Jose from Santa Rosa. Wally Henwood 33° (with whom I share a Cornish family history) is recovering from a fall where he received scratches, bruises, and a dislocated shoulder. Vernon Mathison 33° (with whom I attended High School in Gilroy in the 1940’s) is doing well and follows our activities closely through the good offices of this publication. Also, many of you will remember Tom Caldwell, who is now living in Three Forks, Montana, and sends his regards to all. 
John Lund 33° is a member of Carson Valley Lodge #33, and tells me he is being considered for a “Masonic Hall of Fame” award from Nevada Grand Lodge. John is not only active in his lodge, but is also busy writing up histories for the Masonic lodges in Nevada, and has garnered the attention of Grand Lodge in the process. We are very proud of John and all his efforts. John is the “Education Officer” for Carson Valley Lodge, and as such has taken on the job of providing and preparing three-ring binders for all the members of the lodge and publishing monthly informational articles for their enlightenment. He is also a character (Benedict Arnold) in a Masonic play the Masons put on in that area covering Arnold’s Masonic trial for the crime of treason. I am told his portrayal of Arnold is spell binding, inasmuch as John has  done so much research on Arnold’s life that he is able to fill in details in the presentation that are not included in the script.
I had a chance to visit with Brother George Moyer, 32° recently at the Masonic Home in Union City. George was our Ambassador to Santa Cruz San Lorenzo Valley Lodge #38, until he recently took up residence with his wife, Dusty, at the Home.  They are doing well and send their regards. I also spoke briefly with Irv Fershleiser 32° and his wife, Jeanne at the Masonic Home. Irv was tour guide for a gathering of Allied Masonic Degree members, and did an admirable job.
I know many of you are in touch with brothers whom we don’t see that often, and if any brother has any contact with members whom we have not seen here at Scottish Rite for any length of time, please let us know how they are doing. The best way to update me on the welfare of these brothers is to send me an email; (  Just telling me in the hallway or on the phone doesn’t always work as my memory is not all that great, but an email is harder to forget, and your message is much more likely to make it into this publication.
Our goal in life is to make sure each and every brother is able to feel esteem in the eyes of his fellows, and we share an obligation to keep the flame of friendship alive in every brother’s heart. Keep us informed on the welfare and condition of all members you have contact with, and for those of you who read this message, but have not been able to attend our meetings, please keep in touch. Whether you are able to get to meetings is not our primary concern; it is how well you are getting along in life that interests us most.

Bob Winter - Personal representative of the Deputy of the Supreme Council in California