From the Personal Representative (October, 2009)

posted May 16, 2015, 6:36 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 16, 2015, 6:36 PM ]
September’s Stated Meeting was devoted to the presentation of the awards for Mason of the Year for the lodges in our jurisdiction, and for me it was a tremendously inspiring occasion. 
I had the pleasure and responsibility of reviewing the dossiers of the men who were selected from the various lodges about the Valley of San Jose and was virtually overwhelmed by the accomplishments and contributions of the men whose names were submitted.
From San Jose Lodge #10, we have Dr. Greg Cheung, who was raised in 1997, and hasn’t rested since. He’s been involved in many of the lodge’s service projects, been Treasurer and Secretary, as needed, and is now serving the Lodge as Organist. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he is an example  in the community as to the quality of individual we like to think of when we consider the concept of “an ideal Mason”.
George Moyer from Santa Cruz San Lorenzo Valley Lodge #38 is another example of the quintessential Mason, and is involved in everything that happens in the Lodge, most of the time as one of the organizers or leaders. He is also an accomplished musician, most notably as the man at the keyboard of the lodge calliope during parades, especially involving the three youth groups the lodge sponsors. He is also actively involved in his church and Kiwanis as a key contributor to both.
Billy Uber, nominee from Texas Lodge #46 is another tireless supporter, not only of Masonry, but also community and youth group affairs. He is a key player in Texas Lodge’s outreach programs to the local schools and youth groups, and visitations from other lodges and Masonic organizations that want to perform degrees or other programs in the historically saturated town of San Juan Bautista. He is also Marshal for Asiya Shrine this year.
Joseph Da Silva, though only just raised in 2004, has distinguished himself as an energetic contributor to all the activities in which he has become involved. He is Senior Deacon and candidates coach in his lodge, an officer in the Council of Kadosh, past president of Santa Cruz County Scottish Rite Club and a De Molay Dad. As a wholesale florist, he furnishes flowers for every function he attends and often pleases the ladies with a personal flower or bouquet.
Keith Lodge #187 chose a man who is omnipresent in all the lodge activities. As a professional bee-keeper, Wor Howard Honerlah must take lessons from his bee hives as to his tireless work ethic and consistent effort in keeping Keith Lodge going. He is the sponsor of a new De Molay club in Gilroy, the prime moving force behind the lodge’s Dictionary Project, Master of the Lodge for three consecutive years, and Association President. He never rests.
From San Benito Lodge #211 we have as our nominee Brother Jack Trowbridge, Jack was raised in 1944, and but for a long, long career in the Army, has been a faithful attender at the lodge for sixty five years. He is the lodge’s telephone committee and Chaplain. Jack is the unofficial greeter for San Benito Lodge, and as an old citizen of the City of Hollister, is an ambassador for Masonry in his community.
Worshipful Dick Lovelace, from Pacific Grove Lodge #331, is Past Master, Past Hall Association President, Officers’ Coach, Funeral Master, and member of the committees for Auditing, Candidate Education, Investment, and Public Schools. He is a member of Eastern Star as well as the California Masonic Posse, for which he provides an invaluable service as the member who performs their Bible presentation ceremony, as well as filling virtually any position as requested.
Morgan Hill Lodge paid well-deserved recognition to Worshipful Ken Leverton. His talents and contributions to the craft are endless, and his support for Masonry goes all the way back to 1950, when he first was raised. He was instrumental in the very construction of the lodge building, as well as the furnishings, ornamentation, and maintenance thereof. He is a former Inspector and Grand Lodge Officer, two-time Master, and life-long active member of the lodge, Eastern Star, and their youth orders.
Worshipful Hank Vlcek is a two- time Past Master of Golden Rule Lodge #479 and Inspector of the 341st Masonic District. He is a consummate entertainer, an accomplished magician, an enthusiastic proponent of everything Masonic, and an ambassador for Masonry wherever he goes. He has instituted several groups designed to establish communication and solve problems among the members of the craft and the lodges of the region. His Masonic contributions are endless.
Worshipful Ernie Castillo of Los Altos Lodge #712 has Masonic memberships that extend from Los Altos to New York and Puerto Rico. He is active in at least seven other Masonic organizations as a contributing and/or presiding member. His enthusiasm for Masonry is infectious, and he contributes both physically, intellectually, spiritually, and financially to many Masonic causes and organizations as well as to his church, without reservation. 
Worshipful Eldred LeHeup is our dual-lodge nominee. He was recognized by both Willow Glen Fraternity #399 and Daylight Lodge #844 and should also be the nominee of San Jose Scottish Rite, if there were such a thing. Hoop is a regular visitor to the infirmed and shut-in members of all the organizations to which he belongs, and is our eyes and ears to the welfare of the members. Charity is his mantra, and fraternal support his goal. He epitomizes those qualities to the craft and the community.
Space doesn’t allow me to write much more on the qualities of these fine men, but suffice it to say, we are pleased, honored, and fortunate to have them among us, and we are extremely happy to be able to provide this modicum of recognition, so richly deserved.

Bob Winter - Personal representative of the Deputy of the Supreme Council in California

The Rite Word - October 2009, Volume 3, Issue 10