From the Personal Representative (November, 2007)

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Saturday, October 20, we assembled in the character of Masons and paid tribute to a man who, over the years, has led us in many diverse areas of the craft.  Illustrious Leo Mark was raised in 1954 and has been in various leadership positions ever since.  He has been the driving force behind San Jose Scottish Rite for over seventeen years and is still active as ever.
When a group of our members got together to plan a reception for Leo, the burning question on the table was, “What kind of award or presentation could we make that would do justice to Leo’s many years of service?”  Think about this, my friends.  First of all, it had to be something of perpetual significance, and secondly, it had to be something different from those many honors and awards conferred upon him in past years.  Royce Ford, one of Leo’s best and oldest friends, aided by Bob Rowan, Mary Lou Johnson, Bill and Ruth Roberts, and several others handled the logistics of the reception and the preparations and planning proceeded for many months.  The matter of a suitable presentation was one of the paramount subjects of our weekly Tuesday morning meetings, and we fussed and fretted over the question endlessly.
Finally, one morning, the scholarship fund idea began to materialize, and the more we discussed it, the better the idea appeared.  It had been Leo who brought the Foundation and Clinic to their present state of success, and nurtured them over some rough times.  It was he who put us on a sound fiscal footing, and left a legacy that no one could do justice to with some plaque or certificate, or naming a stained glass window after him.  It had to be significant and it had to be perpetual.
The Leo B. Mark Scholarship Fund is a restricted fund and, as it is part of our overall Charitable Giving Program, is a tax-deductible under the rules of the Internal Revenue Code.  Moreover, it is a gift that keeps on giving over the years, and anyone, member or non member, can give to the fund as often as they wish in honor of this man who has given so much of himself to our craft.  The intent of the fund is to provide scholarships to deserving students who want to pursue a course of study in the field of Speech Pathology.  Our Scholarship Committee will be working on the details of the requirements for application for the scholarship, but like most scholarship funds, only the earnings related to the fund will be made available, so for the first few years, at our current rate of return on our investments, it will only render about $2000.00 per year spendable.  We should all give our attention to increasing the fund balance so that we may make these awards to more than one person if we choose to do so.
The fund is suitable for anyone wishing to donate or leave in their will any amount they wish and honor this great man.  Please give this your serious consideration, my friends.  You have seen the reports of the work of our clinicians and this is a way we can all be a part of building for the future of that work and do it to the honor of one of our leaders who has done so much himself.

Bob Winter - Personal representative of the Deputy of the Supreme Council in California

The Rite Word - November 2007, Volume 1, Issue 3