From the Personal Representative (December, 2009)

posted May 16, 2015, 7:24 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 16, 2015, 7:24 PM ]

Brethren and friends, 

November has been an active and exciting month for San Jose Scottish Rite. We began the month with our bi-annual session of Inspector General Honorary and Knight Commander Court of Honor conferrals at Oakland Scottish Rite Center. Oakland has a perfect layout for such an event, and the degrees went smoothly. You will find the names of those so honored in the message of our General Secretary.
At our stated Meeting on the following Tuesday, we honored Asiya Shriners, with Illustrious Potentate Wayne Heimsoth and several of his officers in attendance. At the Stated Meeting we also welcomed some of our newly initiated 32° Scottish Rite Masons into our midst, and, as usual, enjoyed a sumptuous feast, courtesy of our intrepid caterer Greg Donnellan. Our attendance is increasing, and we’d love to have all the members who are able be with us for our meetings and the dinners that follow.
As I noted in our November issue of the Rite Word, I was concerned that the contributions of our members that are sent to the California Scottish Rite Foundation are not available to the charitable activities of our San Jose Children’s Language Clinic. On Saturday, November 14, I addressed this problem at a meeting of the Board of Directors for the California Foundation and was informed that it will be necessary for us to appeal directly to our members to inform you how to make your contributions to the benefit of the San Jose Scottish Rite Foundation. So . . . with mixed emotions, I have authored a letter to our members outlining this problem and asking for your assistance. In the Valley of San Jose, owing to the good management policies of my predecessors, we have been able to function without turning directly to our members for assistance. With today’s economy, however, our investment portfolio has been drawn down dangerously and we have had to reduce salaries, cut our administrative staff, and restrict the hours of clinicians as well as scale back wherever possible. We must now reach out to our members for help. Our clinic does great work, but it can’t survive without monetary support.
Please remember the great work of our clinic in your year-end charitable giving. It is a good way to reduce your income tax obligation, and aid in the good work of our clinic.
Our e-waste program on Saturday, November 21 was a great success, owing to the generosity of our members and the hard work of our administrative staff, there were three truckloads of worn-out computers, phones, televisions, and other electronic junk hauled away. Thank you all for your help.
Then, on November 27th, several members of our valley including our Grand Master Ken Nagel, were guests at the annual Northern California DeMolay Convention and were treated royally. M. Wor. Ken delivered an inspiring address.  It was typical DeMolay. Enthusiasm abounded, and continued (so I am told) into the wee small hours of the morning. The accomplishments of these young men are astounding, and it is encouraging to see the future of the craft in such good hands.
And . . .  rounding out the month, on Monday, November 30, we had a number of volunteers, including Herb and Lillian Dallas, Bob Laws, Ed Clarke, Hazel Winter, and Earlene LaRue, under the leadership of Sue Ramsey, in the center for putting up Christmas decorations. The tree is beautiful, the incidental decorations are spectacular, and in addition to some rearranging of the furniture in the Administrative area, the center is in excellent condition for Christmas and the New Year. Please try to attend our December stated meeting and the dinner following. I guarantee a good time for all.
Hazel and I, and the staff at the San Jose Scottish Rite Center wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a glorious and prosperous New Year. Please keep in touch, and remember to keep the spirit of Christmas in your heart all year long.

Bob Winter - Personal representative of the Deputy of the Supreme Council in California

The Rite Word - December 2009, Volume 3, Issue 12