From the Personal Representative (December, 2007)

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Scottish Rite is a part of Masonry that stresses fraternal relationships and attitudes. Man is a social animal, and is so constituted that working with fellows of similar intent and background is an uplifting experience in itself. In the Fourteenth Degree we talk about ‘the binding tie of brotherhood’ and nowhere in our lives is that concept more emphatically represented than coming together and participating toward a common goal. Working with and enjoying the company of fellow Masons is one of the most reinforcing and positive aspects of our Masonic experience.
The Fall 2007 Reunion is down on the books as one of the most enjoyable in recent history, thanks to the combined efforts of about sixty dedicated brothers.
Back in August, about a dozen brothers came together to discuss how we could make the reunions more meaningful and perhaps, in the process, encourage more members to participate.  While our reunions have long been recognized as a means to establish and promote fellowship among the members, they have recently become not much more than a vehicle for the initiation of new candidates.  We constantly discuss the shared desire to simply bring the brethren together in a spirit of fellowship, and while functions like our annual summer barbecue have served that purpose, the question remains; ‘Isn’t there something more we could do to promote a feeling of fellowship and brotherly love that our basic precepts acclaim?’
At first there were seemingly overwhelming uncertainties;  “Will it be too great an effort for minimal results?”  “Having lost some very experienced brothers, can we who remain be able to pull off such an undertaking?”  “Will anybody show up?” and  “Will it really make a difference in the long run?”
Thanks to the enthusiasm of some of our younger members and the sense of dedication of many of our older members, we put on one of the best reunions I have seen in a long time. We assembled in the character of Masons and hosted not only a very impressive initiation, but a grand banquet.  Our degree teams were at their best; our stage crew was everywhere; our sound and lighting were excellent; our programs were beautiful; the office staff was especially supportive; the planning and execution were flawless; and the banquet was just fine, thank you.  The work behind the scenes was like a well oiled machine, and the brethren seemed to all enjoy their work.  One key component of the event was the culminating banquet where all the members of the degree teams, directors, support crews, and staff were recognized and thanked for their contributions.
Not everything worked to perfection.  If there was any hitch at all, some of us felt we should see to it that no wine was wasted.  At one point, after about fourteen toasts, I noticed that though the brethren were lifting their glasses to their lips, little of the wine in their glasses seemed to be disappearing, but the toasting continued.  At first it was scripted; the Presidency, the Sovereign Grand Commander, the Sovereign Grand Inspector General, the ladies, etc., but then the members seemed to catch the spirit and were toasting one other, the clock on the wall, the family cat, and others too numerous to mention.
There’s an old saying that goes; ‘If you think this program won’t work, you’re probably right.  Well, we had about twenty or thirty hard working brothers who thought this program could and would work, and work it did.  My congratulations and thanks to all for a pleasant and successful Reunion.  I am confident that the next reunion will be even better.

Bob Winter - Personal representative of the Deputy of the Supreme Council in California

The Rite Word - December 2007, Volume 1, Issue 4